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OK, so heres the deal…

I’m fat!

Strong as hell, but fat…

In my never ending quest to be the strongest person I can be, I’ve let my overall health and body condition slip to an uncomfortable state. There’s no one to blame but myself. My friends have encouraged me to fix it, but I would use the excuse of getting stronger to justify my eating and lack of cardiovascular training.

As you may have read in an email from me, I have been alerted for mobilization to combat later this year. A chance I’ve been waiting to have for several years now(Intel guys get skipped over for deployment alot!).

Now I’m 300lbs and staring at going to war in less than 6 months. What do I do?

That’s when the “duh” moment came!

How did I train before when I was in shape?

That’s the answer!

Keep checking back to witness my progression from a strong fat guy, to a strong, fit soldier, ready to accept and complete my mission!

Just Tell Me Where To Go!

Hey guys, its good to be back posting here on CombatFitnessblog.com

Todays post is real short, pretty much just asking you where I should go with the website now that the book is launched.

Take a quick second and look over this small survey for me. I really appreciate it. If you have any other comments or concerns, email me or comment below this post

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PS click here to check out the new Ebook “Maximize Your PT” on sale only at combatfitnessblog.com

Reflection On A Tragic Past

Hey guys, im still on vacation but i couldn’t wait to get this video out to you. I visited the Oklahoma city bombing memorial(Murrah Building) on Saturday and I brought my brand new Flip Cam on its maiden voyage. Unfortunately I couldn’t film inside, but I took some great footage of the outside memorial.

This may come as a shocker to alot of my readers, but your favorite military meathead is SOFTY! Yeah thats right, I’m a pushover, but only when it comes to Kids! hearing, reading about and seeing the memorial for the 19 children who perished in the attack really choked me up. The “little chairs” placed in the memorial field were a great reminder of how precious life is and how lucky we are to have the chance to grow old.

Enjoy your week, be safe on st patricks day and ill talk to you when i get back home!

Not Motivated? Its gut check time!

With my new Ebook “Maximize Your PT” being released soon, its got me thinking about who will take the step and open their mind to unconventional training to further their strength training careers, as well as military fitness. Personally, I think the type of person who WILL take that step possesses two virtues that are as uncommon as my style of training…

Motivation and Discipline.

For all the Military Vets out there, you know that those are core values that the military DRILLS into you over and over, but for the rest of society commitment and dedication seem to be just words said when its convenient and thrown to the wayside when times get tough.

I’m gonna let my good friend Elliott Hulse of HulseStrength.com take over from here on this subject. Ive said for the past 2 years that I’ve known this extraordinary gentleman that he missed his calling as a preacher. Elliott, like me, is convicted in what he does and his passion is very transparent when he speaks.

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so do you “FEEL LIKE” succeeding today?


PS: Are you committed to getting stronger and faster? Then next week when “Maximize your PT” is released, be sure to grab a copy and commit to a whole new world of strength training!