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Release Your Inner Masochist-Published by EliteFTS



Its been a long time since i’ve had an article published by the good people at EliteFTS.com but thats not because I havent been writting them. 

Im guess im not the only schmuck trying to get my message across via a VERY large audience, such as Elite. 

But the wait is over. This morning, my article “Release your inner masochist” was published and is on display. Go check it out at Release your inner masochist on EliteFTS.com

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“Weak is for the lower end of the food chain”


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Preparing for Battle Ustream: If You Missed it…

Welcome back to Combatfitnessblog.com

I got back from my field training exercise with all my limbs and most of my brain cells. We ended up getting barracks to stay in so the outdoors tenting wasn’t required.  My company came in first in Land Nav and overall first time qualification with the M16. CO and 1SG was happy, which lead to an early redeployment time. Of course that meant more drinking time for me :)

Anyway, Before I left, I promised you the live Ustream video replay and I also come through with my promises. Enjoy the advice on combat training, physical training and just preparation for my life’s battles.

Live Ustream Conference 4/30: Preparing For Battle!

Yeap, its that time again. This Thursday, April 30th at 8PM EST, ill be hosting a live Ustream conference. The Topic, you ask?

Preparing yourself for battle!


Not just the literal aspect, but for any competition you will be facing, you need to know the proper things to do and not to do.

I’ll be explaining how I prepare for a field training exercise (which ill be leaving for at 330 AM, Friday morning) so if your thinking about joining a military service or you just want to see what goes in to the prep work, come check it out.

After I’m done, ill open the floor to ANY QUESTIONS you may have about ANY kind of battle/competition prep. or training in general. I’m an open book, so dont be shy.

Once again, thats THIS THURSDAY, APRIL 30TH @ 8PM EST!!!!! As always, the Ustream conferences are FREE!

Click this link to enter the show.  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/preparing-for-battle%21

Until Thursday at 8pm EST, the show will be “off air”

See you on Thursday!

What People Have To Say About Maximize Your PT

Hello Friends,

 Today I’m not gonna talk to much. I’m going to let other people talk for me. If you are a military member, firefighter police officer or any other athlete who craves strength but needs cardiovascular improvement, you need to pick up my new book “Maximize Your PT”. Don’t believe me? Thats fine, check out what these big name pro’s have to say.

Here’s what online entrepreneur and owner of one of the biggest websites in strength, Mike Westerdal has to say

“If you think working out entails simply doing push ups,
sit ups and running every other day you’re spending
too much time on the wrong regiment.  Get back to
basics and learn how to activate your hybrid muscle
fibers that are responsible for not only maximum strength
but endurance strength.  You’ll ace your next PT test
with flying colors and look good doing it. Get in better
shape for yourself and for our country.  We’re proud
of all the hard work and sacrifices you make for this
USA.  I wouldn’t recommend this program unless
I really thought it would benefit the service men and women
of this country.  God Bless!”
Mike Westerdal
Founder - CriticalBench.com

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 How about inspiring words from big time strongman and strength coach, Elliott Hulse

“I don’t know about you, but when it comes to the safety and security of my family and country I want the smartest,strongest and most resilient soldiers fighting for me. I have the deepest respect for those men who lay their heads on the chopping block for my freedom. With that, I can feel safe that those soldiers that train using Maximize Your PT will be well equipped for the rigors of military life and battle!”
Elliott Hulse, C.S.C.S.

Finally, how about some rough, uncut footage of an actual client who smashed the competition, not only in an Army style PT test, but in his first strongman competition EVER!


You owe it to yourself to train with the most intensity and yield the highest gains possible. This training manual/E-book is no joke and will give you everything you need for success!

Just click on the “Ace Your PT test” link at the top for more information, or just click here