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Spotlight: Americas Athletic Heros: Derek Poundstone

Here it is fall, 2009. Combatfitnessblog.com(formerly traintostandard) has been alive for over a year now and we’ve covered everything from pushups to powerlifting. As athletes and professionals, we must remain within a standard for our respective service, but also remember that we are humans as well. Not only humans, but men and women who strive to be better than the rest. This is why we lift heavy weights that society sees as outlandish, or run 10 miles every other day.


Hell, most Americans get tired just DRIVING 10 miles.


But we do it, and do it DAMN good too.  On my first post back from the summer break, im introducing you to someone who you probably already know.


Derek Poundstone. 


You may know that hes America strongest man, runner up for the 2008 WORLDS strongest man and just an all around animal when it comes to training. You may NOT know something thats just as important to him as strongman and strength training.


In his home town, Hes known as OFFICER Derek Poundstone.


Yes thats right, Derek, Standing at a svelte 6′1″ 315lbs, is an active police officer in Naugatuck, CT. Not only does he train constantly to become THE best in his respective sport, he spends countless hours a week keeping the streets safe from criminals. The respect he gets in the strength world should be nothing in comparison to the respect he should receive for answering the call to duty. 


Derek is training for the 2009 Worlds Strongest Man competition, held this year in Malta this year. He is a heavy favorite to finally take the crown from 5 time champion, Polands Mariusz Pudzianowski(who was featured in July). Enjoy this video of Poundstone pulling a local firetruck, training for the “Airplane Pull” he has in this years competition.

Strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski

I’ve got less than 2 days until my next strongman show and ill be traveling tomorrow, so this will be the final blog post before hand. Shortly after the show, ill be on TDY orders for the next couple of weeks. Fortunately ill still have Internet and a laptop to communicate with you all. 

On a side note, if anyone has ever done the Army’s CLS class, leave me a message and let me know your experiences with being IV’d by amateur military members. Im interested in hearing some good stuff!

In honor of the great sport of strongman, Im posting up this phenomenally edited video of the greatest strongman ever, Mariousz Pudzianowski. Enjoy, and ill talk to you after the show!

Make your own equipment on a budget

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Fit2Fight:Bodyweight Pt 2- Circuits

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Not gonna talk to much today. We finished a brutal bodyweight circuit today that is perfect for training for a physical fitness test.

Of course I had my camera on for it!


Stability/block push-ups
Flutter Kicks(alternating leg lifts)
Reverse Bodyweight rows

30-45 seconds/station X 3-4 rounds. 1-2 minutes rest in between rounds.

Check it out guys. Ill have another video up for you tomorrow!